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About Me


Creativity, accuracy and experience

More than 20  years experience in marketing and communication. Skilled in leadership and proven track record of mentoring entrepreneurs and corporations. Strong Interest in Art, Design and Visual Communication.

Specialties: Advertising & marketing, high end architectural & real estate photography, videography and epic graphic design.

Tech: Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Lightroom, Illustrator, 
Premiere Pro etc.


Style: Valuable hybrid between creativity & commercial realism.


Misa Kannos

MG / AD / Photographer / Videographer.
Also LKV, KiAT, Public purchase witness.


Misa Kannos 

Architectural & Real Estate | Kannos t:mi

Business ID: 1359030-2

+358 43 824 7531

Helsinki - Lahti - Kouvola - Kotka

And for commissions all over Finland.